Four-stroke engine oils

    Metal horse proudly introduces for our valuable costumers the right viscosity for motorcycle & scooter.

  • Optimal protection
  • Broad coverage
  • Easy cold starts
  • Wet-clutch compatible

MH4-stroke challenge

New Metal horse 4-stroke challenge has specially improved for 4-stroke engine that cling on engine parts and provide high Protection of your engine,   with these whole viscosity

MH4-STROKE challenge 10W-40

MH4-STROKE challenge 15W-40

MH4-STROKE challenge 20W-40

MH4-stroke power one

New Metal horse 4-stroke power one has create only the purpose of protect the engine and its provides superior acceleration. with these whole viscosity

MH4-STROKE power one 10W-40


MH4-STROKE power one 15W-40

MH4-STROKE power one 20W-40


MH4-stroke challenge plus

New Metal horse 4-stroke challenge plus improved with semi synthetic technology.We assured that its totally avoid the friction in your engine and provide ultimate performance. with these whole viscosity

MH4-STROKE challenge plus 10W-40

MH4-STROKE challenge plus 15W-40

MH4-STROKE challenge plus 20W-40