Metal Horse The MH brand –  Save your engine as our Heart

CIN No:U74999TN2018PTCI22179


TAN No: CHEM19297F

Our Journey

     Metal horse engine oil it’s a private limited company in the field of engine oil, grease, coolant, cotton waste and other lubricants since a long time, we start our journey in these field with the trade brand of “be born trading” in Kerala India, and we started our own brand “metal horse” MH in 2016 in field of engine oil manufacturing and trading in retail and wholesale too.

Our vision

     To create an atmosphere there is never repeat such a situation facing our national Capital now days, and try our best to prevent global warming and minimize carbon smoke percentage from air by using genuine and right lubricants for our engines and truly create and Eco-friendly development culture.

     Surly it’s a new move that anybody can follow us that where there is nothing to hide between manufacture   and consumer, because of every manufacture is a consumer in a manner, there is no differences between you and us that’s why we choose as our slogan “save your engine as our heart” not only for a slogan but it’s to become our vision and mission too.

     Aware that a web-page never be enough to specify any one, would be honoured the scope of meeting with you personally to explore our products important matter.

     In the end we would like to say that we may not be the best but can prove to be the better one

     Trust to have a positive response.


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